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Welcome to Dapper Dames Jewelry

The Dapper Dames are designers of unique jewelry that suits just about any taste or style of earrings, necklaces, brooches and bracelets.


Who We Are

My mother Lorraine Bunn and I (Jennifer) started Dapper Dames without much of a vision.

We started toying around with jewelry crafting 13 years ago. As I think back on where we started, I marvel at how much we didn't know about participating in craft/art shows, trying to be different, even our crafting techniques were at best rudimentary.

But as with most things, we got got better with age...and experience. One thing that sets us apart from other artisans is that we do not specialize in any one specific modality. We work in metal, bead, stone, repurpose, and glass enameling. Each year we try something new, a new process, a new design.

Currently, we only sell our jewelry at local craft and art shows. While it is a little limiting in terms of exposure, our philosophy is "touch it, feel it, love it". While you can see how pretty or interesting it is and get a general sense of dimensions from pictures on a web site, you never really know if it is for you unless you try it on. Also, our pieces are unique. We try very hard not to duplicate anything we have made in the past. We like to say that it's a hobby that got out of control.

Take a peek at our Gallery. These pictures represent a small fraction of the variety of jewelry we create.

One additional note, we like to add a personal touch to each piece we create. This is why we bring our tools to the show. In case someone wants a different style of ear wire or needs a necklace shortened or lengthened to match a neckline or preference, we can accommodate most requests.

Thanks for stopping by to check out the Dapper Dames. Click on the show schedule to see where we will be next.


Lorraine Bunn

Lorraine is the visionary behind the pins and brooches we sell. Her creative talent lies in seeing the possibilities. Combining elements, bits, floatsum of re-purposed...stuff. Her newest endeavors involve stones of all shapes, sizes and material. Take a peek in the gallery to see a few of her new brooches.

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Jennifer Bunn

How do I describe what I do? Best to say a little bit of everything. I take components from all over the world as well as create my own to make earrings. Use sterling, copper and brass sheet to back gorgeous cabochons with different types of prong and bezel settings. Mount flat backed stones to a beading medium to create interesting focal pieces. Most recently I started dabbling in enameling. Taking powdered glass and fusing it to pieces of copper.